Monday, January 22, 2018

MCM Blue Leather Nwts Stark Studded Med Backpack UK Sale

Mcm Studded Med Backpack first severely punished. We must step up sanctions on local administrative organs, evasion of anti-compliance sanctions, establish the executive authority of the courts, and allow fairness and justice be realized in a way that is visible to the masses of the people.Recently, a primary school teacher in Lianzhou County, Mcm Backpack was punished by netizens because of receiving a letter from a parent WeChat red envelope and was punished by the local education department.

MCM Blue Leather Nwts Stark Studded Med Backpack


Blue Mcm Backpack clicked on the WeChat red envelope of received by the parents of the class and immediately returned a Weibo bonus of 90.00 yuan to the student's parents, but the parents did not click on the collection. Local Education Bureau that as a teacher of the people, Mcm Backpack Replica in violation of the integrity of the discipline, the conduct has constituted a violation of discipline.

The first-grade parents, Cheap Mcm Backpack asking children to sit in the middle tone, this kind of thing often in life. However, because the child was taller, the teacher stopped the other children and was transferred to the third to last row. Unexpectedly, parents did not abase, until the design framed Mcm Backpack sent a red envelope to the teacher, the teacher thought it was parents want to improve the relationship, point income, immediately plus money back, Replica Mcm Backpack did not expect parents not only do not accept, but turned Report to the Bureau of Education screenshots.

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