Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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Recalling the passing of the flight attendants: The (driver) is a perverted person, saying that I look very beautiful and I really want to kiss me. On the evening of the 5th, at 11:05, Liewzhu gave the same flight attendant to an airline and lived there. The roommates together sent this WeChat. In the two people's chat, the roommate also reminded her to pretend to call the husband in the hope of reminding the driver to retreat and to close his hand as soon as possible. It was not possible to get off the train. After a period of time, the roommate did not rest assured, once again dialed her phone, but heard the end of the phone, Lee Zhuolian said three words nothing, nothing, nothing, and then the phone was hung up. Who could have thought that this turned out to be the last dialogue she had with her family, relatives, friends, and colleagues?
When we are discussing drops stewardess was killed when the facts of the case and to drops of advice, how to reduce and prevent the occurrence of such cases, and two more canteen of a tweet, annoyed national collective indignation.

What she called brightness is the stained lower body, and the stocks that are poured out are red. - Two more cafeteria tweets. Article has been deleted. An announcement was made that mcm backpack replica was arbitrarily sent and had been expelled. Even if active measures are taken to delete articles and an announcement is made to explain the situation, they still cannot eliminate people's anger.

Now flight attendants killed Shiguweihan, two more canteen so dead consumer 's approach is really disgusting. In particular, the female passengers who were killed and their family members who were still in despair, took blood from people to earn traffic, and the expression of the girl who was murdered was also vicious and joking. This is not a poor management of poor writing style. This is a question of one's moral character and morality. Do not understand is how to uphold values, making two more canteen can issue such article, this one human blood bread to eat very fragrant do so?

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