Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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replica balenciaga speed trainer and accused couriers are guilty of crimes and must be highly valued. Originally, the family was a fortress. If it was illegally invaded without consent, it was suspected of illegally invading the house. It was subject to legal sanctions, but the courier was different. It was legal to knock on the door because of work needs. The courier is mixed and has different qualities, so when sending the courier, you must have a sense of prevention, especially single girls. 2018 Nian 9 Yue 14 Wenzhou day, it had passed through courier pickup burglary occurred, replica gucci belt see rape (attempted) cases of color spur of the moment. The victim is suffering. The courier involved in the case was sentenced to three years and six months for rape.

As far as this case is concerned, replica balenciaga triple s the courier of Yuantong Express is suspected of being forced to squat, or the rape mentioned by the poster, pending further investigation and handling according to law. The concern is whether the courier company has joint liability in this case? According to the general situation, the courier company is not liable. Article 8 of the Supreme Court's judicial interpretation of personal injury states: If the legal representative, responsible person and staff member of a legal person or other organization causes damage in the performance of his duties, fake balenciaga sock shoes it shall be in accordance with the provisions of balenciaga triple s replica for sale General Principles of the Civil Law. The legal person or other organization shall bear civil liability. If the above-mentioned personnel commit damages caused by acts unrelated to their duties, fake balenciaga speed trainer for sale the actor shall be liable for compensation.

best balenciaga triple s replica courier uses the opportunity of taking the piece to sexually invade, and has a factual connection with the position, but the beneficiary of the act is not a company, so it is a personal act. Therefore, in the Wenzhou case mentioned above, best balenciaga replica site. and the victim negotiated to settle the compensation cheap balenciaga speed trainer not the legal solution. In a similar situation, the Hainan high-speed rail ticket inspector beat the guest case and the ticket inspector was prosecuted. In the case, the ticket inspector prevented the guest from being sent, and the unit was the beneficiary. Therefore, the high-speed railway company should bear joint and several liability.